Facing Vulnerability

I turned 23 this past summer and ever since, I’ve been reflecting on my life and the things I’ve learned about myself. My thoughts immediately wandered to the idea of vulnerability and my experiences with it. For so long, I’ve viewed vulnerability as something although so raw and sometimes messy, was rooted in strength. But … Continue reading Facing Vulnerability

The Push & Pull of Writing

How can I consider myself a writer when I haven’t written in a while? When I’m having trouble picking up a pen (in reality, my laptop) and weaving words together in a way that is simply coherent? I honestly struggle with feeling insecure about embracing the label of being a writer. It’s one of the reasons why … Continue reading The Push & Pull of Writing

Finding Sakina (Tranquility) in Supplication

When du'as (supplications) are answered, life halts and feels almost fragile. The solace it brings is a gentle [Divine] nudge: that your endured pains have never existed. What an incomparable gift. • • • Dear God, In times of distress, I've learned that stability is a blessing. That soundness of mind provides you with a … Continue reading Finding Sakina (Tranquility) in Supplication

The Oceans Would Run Dry

Things I'm grateful for: The ability to breatheMy homeAccess to food and waterMy parentsMy grandmothers being alive & lovingMy siblingsBeing able to get an educationMy jobIslamHaving a direct connection to GodUnderstanding SomaliHaving a masjid close to homeHaving had the opportunity to teach and inspire young childrenHaving people believe in my abilities even when I don't … Continue reading The Oceans Would Run Dry