saidinprose is a space dedicated to learning how to embody a theme of life: self-betterment. With reflections in the form of poetry, prose and stories, the aim is to open discussions about different aspects of life—hardship, mental health, spiritual understanding & refinement, culture, identity, family, relationships, community and ultimately, growth.


I’m a Somali-American Muslim and first-gen college student studying Family and Human Development. I was born and raised in the West Coast, currently living in Arizona.

I’ve always loved writing—the magic of stringing words seamlessly together to create a clear visual image in one’s mind. As a child, I thought the gift of being able to write so carefully and beautifully was unparalleled. Writers create worlds and entire universes, and then beckon others to experience the journey alongside them. How could I turn away from that?

I write because there are so many things I don’t say out loud. With my endless stuttering of um’s and I don’t knows, and the gnawing hesitance I feel at times when it comes to speech—I somehow seem to find a way to put my thoughts into words instead.


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