Something that I learned about myself while figuring out what kind of work I wanted to pursue, is that I honestly enjoy defining problems and examining every potential solution.

I never liked conflict growing up, but whenever I’d somehow wind up in the middle of an issue sparked between people (which was, to my dismay, surprisingly often), I quickly learned to look at the situation from all points of view at the surface-level, while also seeking the reason behind the actions and statements being made by each person.

As a Family and Human Development student, I learn not only about the family, but about individuals in the context of their environment. I believe that in order to truly understand either a situation at hand, or human beings in general, you must look at things holistically – taking into consideration life experiences, attachments, and circumstances.

Having this background knowledge as well as practical experiences that have helped me hone social perception skills & challenged me to never settle for the first solution, I’ve come to have a great eye for potential when it comes to people & ideas.

While I am very fascinated with understanding people’s experiences & their connections, another one of my favorite things is creating stories. I believe that at the heart of any great story starts with a fundamental sense of curiosity, willingness to find answers in all the wrong places, and keeping an open mind. I’m constantly learning that the best solutions come from being able to critically define problems and opportunities, with a focus on the people you’re creating for. 

There’s magic in stringing words and ideas seamlessly together to create a visual image in someone’s mind. As a kid, I believed that the gift of being able to do this so carefully and beautifully was unparalleled. If I have the chance to build worlds and entire universes, and then beckon others to experience the journey with me, how could I turn away from that?

When I’m not working I like to read, listen to podcasts, try new recipes, practice modern calligraphy, binge whatever Netflix show I’m currently obsessed with, learn new phrases in different languages, and explore coffee/boba shops in the city I’m in.

I appreciate you stopping by. Let’s connect! 🙂

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