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Promineo Tech is a tech-education start up that focuses on providing technology education that is affordable, accessible, and low-risk. They reach out to colleges and workforce development organizations and offer their extensive curriculum as a service (using an Education as a Service model), as well as other resources to help individuals gain new skills and level up in their personal and professional lives.


Promineo Tech’s EaaS (Education as a Service) catalog is a vital marketing piece utilized by the company to provide information to potential clients. The current EaaS catalog was outdated, had too many pages, and was difficult to read.

It needed to be restructured and redesigned in a way that captured the clients’ interest and showcased the company’s brand professionally. I was tasked to create a document with only a few pages that can tell clients:

  • A) What EaaS is
  • B) The value it adds to their campus
  • C) Why Promineo Tech is right for them



After looking at the current catalog and keeping in mind the needs of the company, I first began by creating quick concept sketches to brainstorm ideas for the components I wanted to potentially include in the new catalog.

Project Goals

Putting my ideas on paper helped narrow down my main goals for this project:

  • Condense the pages (original document is 14 pages long)
  • Proofread for any writing errors
  • Add more graphics and images
  • Be creative while keeping on-brand


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