Facing Vulnerability

I turned 23 this past summer and ever since, I’ve been reflecting on my life and the things I’ve learned about myself. My thoughts immediately wandered to the idea of vulnerability and my experiences with it.

For so long, I’ve viewed vulnerability as something although so raw and sometimes messy, was rooted in strength. But what I hadn’t realized about myself was that I admired seeing truth and openness from other people, but I was afraid to let them see it in me. I had unconsciously associated being vulnerable with terms like “weakness”, “fear”, and “hurt.”

Brené Brown explains how vulnerability feels:

It’s taking off the mask and hoping the real me isn’t too disappointing.

Daring Greatly

There’s a fear that lies behind wanting to comfortably showcase our true selves. Having the courage to push past that feeling of hesitation is the first step, then it’s taking the leap. What’s also important is surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to be vulnerable and welcome it. Overcoming that fear eventually leads to a transformation in the way you love, lead and carry yourself. 

Like everything, changing your thoughts and habits take time. But I hope to gradually learn to unashamedly view vulnerability as a strength not only expressed by others, but also in myself. 

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Learning and unlearning.

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