a love that is equal

Some people say to aspire for a love in which someone loves you more than you love them. This thought never really settled with me. I think being with someone who you’re both “in love”, “together” is how it should be. I understand where this idea comes from though. Someone who loves you more than you love them, is seen as a person who is less likely to hurt or betray you.

What I believe to be true is that a healthy relationship can’t possibly exist if its very foundation is based on principles of inequality. I feel that balanced relationships are always the best and last the longest. When there’s an imbalance, the individual giving more will most likely eventually get tired and leave if their emotions and actions aren’t being reciprocated.

However, what else All relationships go through different stages. Sometimes a person will love you more, and sometimes you’ll love them more. Sometimes you’ll take each other for granted. But a healthy relationship is one where through everything, you’ll both also have a deep love, respect, and satisfaction for each other.

Before settling, I believe you need to find the right kind of love. The most perfect kind of love is calm, warm, and giving on both parts. I think we should take the advice, “be with someone who loves you more than you love them”, in this sense: be with someone who isn’t selfish about their love. And this should also go the other way around as well.

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