nationalism is the injustice
that has broken bones
shattered hearts
and carved hatred
into the eyes of saddened souls.

they’ve whispered disunity
planned disunity
laughed as disunity
dug itself into the homes
of those who testify
‘la ilaha illa allah’
on their tongues.

there is no deity worthy of worship except God
except this isn’t our slogan

we have treasured our songs of nationalism
sung them at the top of our lungs
until our lungs couldn’t contain the smoke.

we believe we are attacking an enemy
when in actuality we are being slowly killed
by our own disease.

it has crept up on us
flags put up high
this should be the clearest sign
that this is what has destroyed us.

this claim may put doubt
in your hearts
but know that the best man
to walk on earth 
has said:

there are traits of ignorance
that will always
remain in my people

    1. boasting about one’s ancestors’ deeds and virtues, & using it as a means of gaining superiority
  1. defaming another on the basis of his lineage or where he came from/his origin

it is through Islam and
intellectual understanding
that has made us noble.

‘la ilaaha illa allah’
is no longer our slogan.

instead we hold words that were
written by man
sing them at the top of our lungs
and with glazed eyes, put our
blood over justice.

my roots that go back to Somalia
are only sustained by my
stronger roots that go back
to Adam and Hawa.

we wish to claim that God is true
and when we are standing
at gunpoint with death
as our souls are brought up
and gathered in front of Him,
He’ll ask

“why did you practice ignorance
lived in ignorance
boasted about the very thing We hate?

oh ignorant slave, you were fooled when the excellence you craved
was searched for in the depths of the soil in your family’s home.

it could have been found in the very gift We placed in front of you
instead, you sought after weapons that destroyed your very being.

your brothers and sisters
red, black, yellow were your allies
yet you have forsaken them for words that were worth nothing.

you should have known
to breathe the truth of God
you wanted peace
but you harbored the smoke
of nationalism in your lungs
and that is what has destroyed you.”

Inspired by Omar Suleiman’s ‘Black and Noble’ lecture.

As an Ummah, we have denied the blessings He has bestowed upon us, and our state has become one of absolute chaos. Nationalism is a major root cause of all this. As Muslims, the commonality we share is our testimony of faith. This should be stronger than any political agenda, tribal affair, and cultural belief. We should not deny the rights our fellow brothers and sisters have upon us. ‘La ilaaha illa Allah’ should instill a love in our hearts for one another, and it should show through our actions.

One thought on “injustice

  1. “This should be stronger than any political agenda, tribal affair, and cultural belief.” – this is the exactly the kind of message that needs to be spread. Not only is it well written but it’s attention to simpleness is what begs the reader’s inspiration to take control over them

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