beauty in hardship: faith

A man spoke of the Syrian refugee crisis.
He wondered why so many of the refugees relied on God’s help.
Why they had faith.
His heart ached.
He angrily proclaimed that God wasn’t there.
That the Syrians were crying out to no one.
Praying to a God who didn’t care enough to relieve them of their pain.
They needed to open their eyes.
They were latching onto false hope.

I thought hard about what this man was saying and almost nodded, agreeing. I caught myself and remembered that there’s a bigger picture to everything. We might not know why things happen. Some of us will question and hang onto the whys, ifs and buts, and claim feverishly that it isn’t fair. Doing so will not benefit us nor will it ease the situation. Our brains may not be able to comprehend the things He does. We can accept it, try to understand, have a positive outlook and always remember that He always wants the best for each and every one of us. He knows what we do not. And if we understand that, then we’ll be able to let go and let Him handle our affairs in the best manner possible. Difficult to do, but not impossible. Have faith. Trust in Him. Because ultimately there is no one better to leave the matters of your life to than He who gave you life. Knowing the attributes of God and who He is will suffice you through your hardships. There is wisdom beyond our imagination in His work.

The Syrian people must already know this.

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