hi, i’m mona said.

I’m a Somali-American 20 something born and raised on the West Coast. In conversation, I love exploring topics that include understanding human experiences, relationships, culture/identity, mental health, spirituality, community-building, and personal development. 

One of my favorite things in the world (besides pasta), is a good story. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved the art of storytelling. As someone whose family comes from a culture that is notable for being a ‘Nation of Poets’, it kinda of makes sense that I’d innately have a love for artistic expression.

Stringing words, designs, and ideas seamlessly together to create a visual image in a person’s mind is a bit like magic. As a kid, I believed being able to do so carefully and beautifully was unparalleled. Storytellers create worlds and entire universes, and then beckon others to experience the journey alongside them. I couldn’t have turned away from attempting to hone a superpower like that.

I believe that at the heart of any great story is a person who genuinely cares. As a creative, I’m constantly learning that the best solutions come from being able to critically define problems and opportunities, and focusing on the people you’re creating for. 

I create because there are some things I don’t say out loud. With my endless stuttering of um’s and I don’t knows, and the gnawing hesitance I feel at times when it comes to speech—I somehow seem to find a way to put my thoughts onto paper instead. My ultimate dream is to hopefully be able to live a life where I am able to create stories that inspire others.

If you’re interested in my work or writing, I would love to chat or even meet up for a cup of coffee or tea (since stories are best told in person)! Feel free to shoot me a message here or at monassaid@gmail.com. ☺