Because of my love for writing, this space was created to be a home for any passing reflections about struggles, lessons I’ve learned/I’m in the midst of learning, mental & spiritual well-being, identity, relationships, and generally, my experiences as a Somali American twenty-something.

Stringing words seamlessly together to create a picture in a person’s mind is a bit like magic. As a kid, I believed being able to do this so carefully and beautifully was unparalleled. Storytellers create worlds and entire universes, and then beckon others to experience the journey alongside them. How can I turn away from that?

I write because there are some things I don’t say out loud. With my endless stuttering of um’s and I don’t knows, and the gnawing hesitance I feel at times when it comes to speech—I somehow seem to find a way to put my thoughts into words instead. My dream is to (hopefully) be able to write stories that inspire others.

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